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Laal Chhadi Maidaan Khadi—-Jaanwar(1965)

Today’s Song–Laal Chhadi Maidaan Khadi—-Jaanwar(1965)



Laal Chhadi Maidaan Khadi FROM Jaanvar(1965)….
Surprisingly very similar eve teasing song from the
same movie after Tum Se Achchha Kaun Hai(Day-125)…
Shammi Kapoor teasing Rajshree on her picnic with her friends…
Ditto stars ,ditto situation ditto song-type……
People must have been crazy about this type of songs
and the singer and the star…
It was very interesting prelude where Shammi Kapoor finds out that his stick(chhadi)
and dress of heroine both were RED and then this very enjoyable song…

Film – Jaanwar(1965)

Music – Shankar Jaikishen

Singer – Mohd Rafi

Stars – Shammi Kapoor

Lyrics – Hasrat Jaipuri


Laal Chhadi Maidaan Khadi----Jaanwar(1965)



Link to Real song…..

Kahin Ek Maasum Naazuk Si Ladki (Shankar Hussain)

Today’s Song -Kahin Ek Maasum Naazuk Si Ladki (Shankar Hussain)



A very nice song from a flop movie
“Shankar Hussain”.
But this song became quite popular,
and in fact,it is now regarded
as among the most memorable songs of Rafi.
The wonderful lyrics were penned
by Kamal Amrohi and the music was

composed by Khayyam.
The stars are Kanwaljeet and Madhuchanda….

Film – Shankar Hussain(1977)

Music – Khayyam

Singer – Mohd Rafi

Stars – Kanwaljeet

Lyrics – Kamaal Amrohi


Kahin Ek Maasum Naazuk Si Ladki (Shankar Hussain)



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