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Mast Baharo Kaa Mai Ashiq FROM Farz(1967)..

Day-300 -Mast Baharo Kaa Mai Ashiq FROM Farz(1967)….

Mast Baharo Kaa Mai Ashiq FROM Farz(1967).. By Dr Dilip Deliwala

Day 300

Mast Baharo Kaa Mai Ashiq FROM Farz(1967)..
Dear Friends,Today is Day-300 of my journey of tribute to Rafisaab..
I like to thank all my friends from everywhere
to support me by their appreciations and good wishes..
Today I request all of you to give some
motivating comments about the concept and idea of the tribute..
About today’s song as I had promised it is an all time great song of everybody’s favourite..
We can say that this one song changed and infact made the whole
career of our lovely star,Jeetendra,the Jumping Jack..
Fantastic music and Rafisaab’s absolute energetic singing…
Unforgettable dance by Jeetendra with Aruna Irani…
<<<<< EnJOY The Ultimate...>>>>

Film – Farz(1967)

Stars – Jeetendra

Music – Laxmikant Pyarelal

Singer – Mohd.Rafi

Lyrics – Anand Bakshi



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